Premios de la 68º Annual Conference de WAPOR en Buenos Aires

Elizabeth Nelson Prize: 

Maria Laura Tagina
Escuela de Política y Gobierno – Universidad Nacional de San Martín
For the Best Paper from a Society in Transition Presented at the Annual Conference
Economy, Context and Elections in Argentina


Naomi C. Turner Prize:

Marko Kovic
Universität Zürich, IPMZ – Institut für Publizistikwissenschaft und Medienforschung
For Best Conference Paper Presented by a Student at the Annual Conference
Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind? Mobilization cascades indirect democratic initiatives  


Dinerman Award: 

Shanto Iyangar
Stanford University


Worcester Prize (2014): 

Adam Shehata
Mid Sweden University
Game Frames, Issue Frames, and Mobilization: Disentangling the Effects of Frame Exposure and Motivated News Attention on Political Cynicism and Engagement


Magna Carta Prize:

Tamas Bodor, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
The Tale of Two Regions: The Fragile Idea of a Sovereign Society

Roberto Foa, Harvard University
Crisis of Western Democracy? Examining New Trends in Public Opinion Data

Sabrina de Regt, Utrecht University
Cross-cultural stability in support for human rights

Xavier Brabant, Université de Montréal
Rights Against Rights: Freedom of Religion or Equality Between Men and Women?

Doug Miller, GlobeScan Foundation
The Magna Carta: Alive but not well